Orthodontist Guide

Functions Of An Orthodontist


An orthodontist is a professional dentist who is specifically trained to help diagnose and treat any disorders that lead to dental irregularities and also to align the jaws and teeth properly. This type of dentist can also be able to examine patients and advice those who are more at risk of getting these irregularities on the right steps to preventing a future occurrence of such a disorder. There many ways that an orthodontist at http://trumanorthodontics.com/ can help to correct some of these irregularities of the teeth and jaws.


They can use braces which are tightened around the teeth to create tension on them and bring them back to the normal position. These braces are made up of wires that are tied around the teeth that are to be realigned and then connected to brackets which are normally attached to the front teeth. These wires are then tightened to provide a firm grip on the teeth which forces them to gradually adjust and fit properly in the jaws thereby correcting the disorder.


They can also use fixed space maintainers especially for young children who lose their teeth in accidents while playing or in any other situations. These are only meant to temporarily keep the open space left by the lost tooth or teeth until the permanent teeth grow. It also involves fixing bands on the teeth on either side of the space left.


Another way that an orthodontist corrects crooked teeth alignment is by use of aligners which perform the same work as braces, but they can be removed during meals and then returned later on. They are easily fitted onto the teeth and force any teeth that are not aligned properly to adjust and realign into the required position.


The orthodontist might also opt to use some jaw repositioning tools which are worn on either of the jaws. They are designed to be worn and then removed at the needed times and are meant to train the jaws to open and close as they should. These appliances are recommended by the orthodontist for patients who have jaws that are not properly aligned to each other. Check out http://www.britannica.com/topic/orthodontics to learn more about orthodontist.


The orthodontist at http://trumanorthodontics.com can also diagnose the problem and recommend that the patient should use removable retainers which are put into the roof of the mouth.  They are designed in a way that they help to hold teeth in their new position after a disorder has been rectified so that the teeth don't return to their original positions. After the teeth have adjusted and become stronger, these devices can be removed.